About us


Through the integration of technology in the collecting process, transport, processing, use and final disposition of waste, EFFITECO S.A.S has corporate and corporate mission to develop solutions within the current and future legal framework that condition the activity, to contribute to global sustainability efforts as leaders in the technological and environmental sector.


EFFITECO S.A.S by 2020 will be a national and Latin American leader in providing its own and complementary activities to the development of technologies aimed at the circular economy by promoting economic growth away from environmental pollution, and strengthening its corporate structure by Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS) to last in time generating quality of life for society in the hand of sustainability and innovation.

Valores Corporativos

SUSTAINABILITY: Our strategies are mainstreamed by the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) and represent a corporate and corporate obligation to position ourselves globally on the sustainable path.

HONESTY: We are people who work with honesty, honesty and transparency in interpersonal relationships and in dealing with the different publics related to our company.

SOLIDARITY: The development of our activity shows the sense of support, support and defense of the causes promoted in favor of the individual or collective development of internal and external members of the company.

JUSTICE: It is one of the basic values of our company, within which we understand respect, equity, equality and freedom.

RESPECT: We recognize and accept the difference vis-a-vis the other, which allows us to coexist, develop and grow individually, collectively and institutionally.

EQUITY: Within our company we respect that human beings, regardless of their condition, we are all equal, therefore we have the same fundamental rights and duties.

RESPONSABILITY: We are proactive people, we comply with the rules and responsibilities acquired in the company, achieving high personal, professional and business efficiency.

BUSSINESS GROWTH: The total satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our internal and external customers are the basis of our business growth.

TEAMWORK: It is the winning path in which our company firmly believes as an organizational philosophy, where according to the skills and abilities we are all leaders.